Here for the account whose control panel has the menu in the top.

For your unnecessary subscriptions, please be sure to complete the "Cancellation Procedure" .

Terms of use Article 20:Termination Performed by Contractor
Please note that there will be no refunds after renewal or cancellation during the contract period due to customer's personal reasons.   

 You will be charged for any contract that has not been canceled.
*Please remember to apply for cancellation of the JP domain name. Even if it expires, it will not be canceled and will be updated automatically and you will be charged.

Please confirm the following two points before canceling.
1. If you pay by credit card, are the automatic renewal settings and automatic payment settings disabled? 

2. Have you canceled your order for renewal? Cancellation is not possible if there is a purchase order.
*The order for renewal cannot be canceled by the customer, so please send us a support mail.

Please be careful if your subscription ends in nonbusiness days because we can not deal with it in holidays.

*If you enabled automatic payment, the payment will be automatically performed on the day before or on the day of the expiration date, so please cancel the order and disable auto payment at least 3 days before the expiration date.


Please note that when you order the cancellation, the service would be 
stopped immediately.


Cancellation Procedure
1. Login to Control Panel
2. Select "Account" in the menu in the left side of the window.

 3. Select "Subscriptions".

 4. Select the Subscription to cancel.


 6. Fill in the form of "Reason for Cancellation" and "Your Comment" and select "PROCEED".
 7. When the dialog box indicating that the cancellation request has been sent appears on the screen, the cancellation procedure is completed.