You can use the support system (support mail) 24 hours a day in case of server trouble or hardware failure.

But in addition, emergency tickets will be accepted only for the following contents.
Contents that do not correspond to the following will be handled on the next business day.

・Can not connect Server or Can not reboot Server or Server reboot was failed.
 (Problem of service infrastructure base only. Problems within the VPS require you to pay for spot paid support.)
・Can not access service panel or control panel.

The following is an example that is not subject to inquiry.
・How to of install software / middleware.
・How to update of SSL certificate.
・How to operate VPS or control panel.

・Software installation and SSL certificate issuance agency work.

Please check the details carefully before contacting us.

Also, please let us know the status of the problem and your server information.

1. For quick response, please check this article before sending emergency contact.

2. Please check your account ID.
Control panel with menu on the left side.

Control panel with menu at the top
Customers who have been using our service since before April 2010(Only in Japanese)

3. please contact us for more information on the new support ticket on our page.

We may charge you for spot support if your inquiry is not covered by the support ticket. Please be aware that there are a number of things you can do to help us.

  For new support ticket, please select "EmergencyReboot Request" as the target department. If you select any other department, please note that we will be able to assist you during our business hours. Please note that if you select any other department, we will only be able to respond to your inquiry during our business hours.

If you are contacting us for the first time, please enter the email address you registered when you first signed up. Please give me a copy.