Please be sure to check to ensure prompt resolution.

You will only be treated as an emergency contact if you have checked all of the following items.

*Please note that we may charge you for spot support if your inquiry is not included in the scope of service. 

"Support Mail" is a free inquiry system that you can use to contact our customer support center.

  VPS, Dedicated Server, Tsukaeru Cloud
・Can you access the server via SSH?
・Do you get a response to your ping?
・Did you check the congestion to our server by Traceroute?
・Can you access the server via remote desktop ? (Windows VPS only)
・Have you tried restarting the server?
How to Restart a VPS
How to Restart a Dedicated Server
How to Restart a TsukaeruCloud Server

  Shared Server
・Can't see all the sites?
Check the Whois Infomation
If DNS is not reflected, what to do
・Can't send/accept all the emails?
→ Try using port 587.
・Can't use the Control Panel with an error message?

If you have checked everything and the problem is still not resolved, please select "Reboot Request (inaccessible only)" in the department selection and create a "Support Mail".