If you use old control panel, please check here.


* When you change plan, Window VPS will restart.

* If you make the renewal order, you can't change plan. Please delete the order.

* If you change to a downgrade plan, we must process your order in our business day, so we will get time about one business day.  

    Please kindly note that you can't downgrade cloud VPS!

* If you use "Tsukaeru Cloud" , you can individually upgrade memory or CPU. Please check here.

* You can't change contract period of Plesk license.

* If you want to upgrade Plesk license, do not control on your own and please inquire our support center.


1. Login control panel.

2. Select "Account" from left tab.



3. Select "Subscription" from Account menu.


4. Select your contract.



6. Select plan and period of contract. Then click "FINISH".