Click here if you use the old control panel.

* If the subscription has expired, the subscription period cannot be changed.
* If the renewal order has already been created, the period cannot be changed. Please cancel your order before proceeding.

* The subscription period is changed by creating and paying for a renewal order. It does not pre-set the extension of the subscription period or the next renewal period.

* Please note that the subscription period cannot be shortened for VPS subscriptions with Plesk.
If you have any questions, please contact our support center.

 1. Log in to the control panel and click "Subscriptions" in [Account]. 



 2. Select the appropriate subscription. If you have a large number of subscriptions, click "Show search" to search.

 3. Click "RENEW".

 4. Select the subscription period and click "RENEW".
Click "RENEW" to create a renewal order.
* Orders will be created for the newly selected subscription period from the date specified in "Subscription Expires".

 4. Once the payment is completed, the subscription period change will be processed.