When using Windows server with global IP address, there might be problems with connecting to outside network if default gateway is unnecessarily set.

Please confirm network setting of local connection.

  1. Connect to the server through remote desktop.
  2. Go to "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Network and Sharing Center".
    There should be two networks: one with access type - Internet, and one with - No Internet access.
    Please do the following steps for both networks.
  3. Click on a link next to "Connection" (Ethernet (2) on a screenshot below)
  4. Click "Properties"
  5. Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" to highlight it and click "Properties".
  6. Now you will have to confirm setting separately for local and global network.
    1. For network with Internet access type check if IP address under "Use the following IP address" section is the same as server's global IP address.
    2. For network with "No Internet access" access make sure that no "Default gateway" is set.

※If you have already updated Parallels Tools the network settings should have been set automatically.
On the other hand, after confirming setting the above way, you should still make sure that Parallels Tools are up-to-date.