Autoscale function scale system resource up or down when a designated threshold values have been reached.

* This functionality is not available on VM and Windows servers.

To see Autoscale setting go to the setting of given server (Subscription: Tsukaeru Cloud -> Cloud tab -> Virtual Servers tab -> server name). On  summary page, in hardware section you can see whether any autoscale setting are turned on or not. To see specific setting to go Autoscale tab.

Here you can find 2 checkboxes: "RAM Autoscale" and "CPU Autoscale". Checking any of them will turn on given functionality and show more detail settings. (any changes will not take effect until you click "Ok" button)

Each Autoscale has the following options:

● "if more than" (%)
● "if less than" (%)
● time (please set for no less than 5 min)
● upper limit (RAM up to 61440MB, CPU up to 128000MHz)
● lower limit (please set no less than the minimum necessary to run you system. For testing, you can set 1000MHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM)
● step

You should interpret them as follow:

If your server is using more than " if more than "% of given resources for at least " time " mins, then it will be automatically scaled up by " step " but no more than to the " upper limit ".

Scaling down works in the same manner.


Example of autoscale setting and functionality:

Let's focus only on RAM in this example.

Current RAM size: 2048MB

"if more than": 80%
time: 5 min
upper limit: 4096MB

"if less than": 40%
time: 10 min
lower limit: 1024MB

step: 256MB

Let's assume that server is using 700MB of RAM. That is ~35% of current RAM size (2048MB) of after around 10 min of such usage, RAM size will be automatically lower by 256Mb to 1792MB.
After another 10 min, now RAM usage is still below 40% (700MB out of 1792MB = ~39%), so size is once again lowered to 1536MB.
After next 10 min, even though amount of used memory has not change (still 700MB) it is now around 45% of available size so it won't be lowered any more.
If memory usage will go up and exceed 80% for around 5 min, memory size will be increased be 256MB.

And so on.


■ Important!

Because Autoscale works only when usage goes beyond set limits for a longer periods of time, and amount of available resources is changed incrementally, it may not work well with sudden changes in server load.

If you are experiencing sudden, short access peaks or expecting higher traffic during e.g. campaign, you should consider increasing resources beforehand manually.


■ Other recommended services 

☆ Fast detection of server down by monitor service (campaign sites, etc.)
☆ Stand-by service during heavy traffic time
☆ For unusual server updates, please contact us to confirm available resources
☆ Paid consultation service about creating and setting up website, or server management


Feel free to ask us any questions through our ticket system .