1. Log in to your Control Panel and choose applicable contract.
    Choose [Tsukaeru Cloud] -> [Cloud] tab -> [HTTP Load Balancers] -> [Add]
  2. You can choose name freely. Check boxes next to servers you want to include in this balancer. Confirm setting and click [Add].

    ※Only currently running servers are shown on this page.
    To start server go to [Virtual Servers], choose server(s) and click [Start].
  3. When created, all load balancers will be listed under [HTTP Load Balancers].


* If you would like to record origin IP address in web server logs, you can find instructions here (japanese).

* Both 80 (http) and 443 (https) ports' traffic will be balanced.

* SSL offloader is not installed on load balancer so be sure to install SSL on every web server connected to given balancer.

* In case you explicitly need SSL certificates to be installed on load balancer, please contact support center in advance.