You need these two information in order to login.

  • Mail adress that is registered to an account.
  • Password

1. Click [Hello, { name }]. Then select either [Your Profile] or [Change Password].

2. Mail adress can be viewed by Selecting [Profile], then go to [Change Email Adress].

3. You can change your password at [Change Password]. If you click [Generate Password], the second image will be displayed,

The Discription of [Generate Password] is as follows :

  • Password Length                      When You Enter a number, It will generate a random password                                                      with the chosen length.
  • Generated Password                 It will display the generated password.
  • Generate New Password           If you click it, it will generate a new password.
  • Copy to clipboard and Insert:   The new password will be inserted to the [New Password] and [Confirm New Password] on the first image.

The generated password May not follow the [Tips for a good password], as shown in the image below, where it does not contain any symbols.