This function is only available for shared personal plans and above.

Since mailing lists are not available on shared servers (v5 or later), you can use phpList if you have migrated from the old shared server and wish to use the mailing list. 

You can install phpList by following the steps below from your control panel. 

1. Log in to the Control Panel. 

2. Click on "WebHosting Plesk".

3. Click on the target domein. 

4. Click "OPEN" in the MORE TOOLS. 

5. Select "Application"

6. Click "All Applications", then search for "phplist".

7. Install "phplist v3.3.9".

8. Agree to the license information and click "Next".

However, please note that the required php version is 5.X.

If you are using a version of php other than the one supported by the domain name in question, please set up a dedicated webspace for phplist in a subdomain.

9. Enter the necessary information and install