Click here if the control panel has a menu on the left side of the screen. 

* Please note that Windows VPS will be restarted when the plan is changed.
* If an order for renewal has already been issued, the plan cannot be changed. Please 
delete the order before proceeding.
* When lowering the subscription plan, it will be necessary to process on our business day, so it will take about one business day.
Please note that Cloud VPS plans cannot be downgraded, so please be aware when changing to a higher-level plan.
* For Virtual Data Center (Tsukaeru Cloud), required memory and CPU can be upgraded individually. Please check 
here for more details.

* The subscription period of Plesk license cannot be changed.
* If you would like to upgrade your Plesk license to a higher edition, please do not perform any operation on your part and contact our support center.

1. Log in to the control panel and click “Subscriptions” in “Account”.

2. Click the applicable subscription name.

3. Click "Switch Plan" at the bottom of the screen.


4. Select the plan you want and click "Choose Service Plan".

5. Select the subscription period and click "Next".

Start Date of Current Subscription Period : The subscription period is counted from the current subscription start date.
Date of Upgrade : The subscription period is newly counted from the time of order completion.

6. Check your order, select a payment method and click "Place Order".


7. After the difference has been paid, your subscription plan change will be processed.