Click the domain in "Hosted Domains" of control panel.

You can edit the DNS records in the tab "DNS".
The following would be displayed if the domain is being hosted by a shared-server.

  • Web: operations related to web hosting such as deleting.
  • Mail: operations related to mail hosting such as deleting.


*If you want to delete domains from "Hosted Domains", please execute the operations below
with understanding of the procedure and results.

  • In "Summary", you can delete the domain with clicking "Delete".
    *Please note that if Plesk and control panel are synchronized, the data about the domain in Plesk would be deleted. As to domains hosted by a shared-server, its data will be also deleted.
  • In the tab "Web",  you can click "Remove hosting" and delete the hosting data in Plesk etc.
    As the result, only the subscription of domain registration would be left.