1. Log in to Control Panel and click [WebHosting Plesk] tab from the left menu.

2.  Click "ADD NEW WEBSITE".

3. Select a shared server subscription and click "NEXT".

4. Enter a webspace name that you like and select "NEXT".

5. Enter a domain name that you want to add to shared server and click "ADD WEBSITE".

REGISTER NEW DOMAINSelect this if you want to make a new domain subscription. 
TRANSFER YOUR DOMAIN: Select this if you transfer your domain contract from another company to Tsukaeru.Net.
ADD YOUR DOMAIN:  Select this if you want to add your domain contracted by another company to the shared server without transferring the contract.

REGISTER NEW DOMAIN requires a domain contract fee.
* For TRANSFER YOUR DOMAIN, a transfer fee for one year of domain renewal fee is required except for general-use/ organizational Type JP domain. The transfer fee will be used for the domain renewal fee, so the expiration date will be extended by one year after the transfer is completed.
*For  TRANSFER YOUR DOMAIN, please obtain the "Auth Code"(The wording differs depending on each company) required for the transfer and unlock the domain transfer in advance. Please check here for advance preparations for the transfer.

Preparation before domain transfer (Japanese)