1. Select "WEB HOSTING PLESK WEBSITES" from the "Home" screen of the control panel.
    Or, select "WebHosting Plesk" from the left menu.

  2. Select "ADD NEW WEBSITE".

  3. Select a server Subscription and select "NEXT".
    * If you don't have a server subscription  yet, please select "NEW SUBSCRIPTION".

  4. Choose the type of webspace.

    If you want to create new webspace, enter a webspace name and select "NEXT".

  5. Select a domain that you already registered, or click "ADD WEBSITE"  to add a new one.

  6. The newly created website will appear on the "WebHosting Plesk" page.
    Please wait a moment as it may take a few minutes to complete the creation.

When uploading website data, upload it under the domain directory, not under the httpdocs directory. 

※When hosting a new domain on a server, please be sure to register your domain and hosting as described above.

If you make the above settings for a domain that already exists in the "Domain" menu, an error may occur.