Logging in to Plesk

  • To log in directly through URL
    Enter "https://[VPS's IP address]:8443" in browser's address bar.

    When shown login form enter the following credentials:

    In case of Linux: 
    Username: root
    Password: root password of the VPS. For how to set up the root password, please see this tutorial 

    In case of Windows: 
    Username: administrator
    Password: administrator password of the VPS. For how to set up the administrator password, please see this tutorial
  • To log in through Control Panel
    In Control Panel go to VPS tab and click "Plesk Manager".

  • Log in by clicking "Log in to Plesk"

Security warning screen

SSL certificate used for Plesk manager is self-signed, so you will be shown a security warning screen. Please ignore it and simply allow to continue to the page.

Acceptance of the license agreement

On first login you will be presented with Plesk license agreement. To use Plesk you must read, and accept the agreement.

View selection

Chose type of use most similar to your case.

If your contract include Web Pro Edition or Web Host Edition , choose interface and click "OK".

Power User view :
Manage multiple websites and mail accounts in through one interface.

Service Provider view :
Offer your clients interface to just their respective websites and mail account.

When you see screen similar to the one below, please click "Insert Key" to activate your Plesk service.

※ If you don't see such screen, your license is most likely already installed so just proceed to the next step.

Copy your activation code from here: Uploading Plesk license , paste it to the form and click OK.

Next, on initial settings screen enter necessary information and confirm by clicking OK.

Domain name

Make sure to enter a correct fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
E.g. example.com

IPv4 addressChoose IPv4 address
(server is granted public and private address. However, it is impossible to connect through private address with outside world so make sure to choose public one)
(to check VPS public address see Confirming VPS IP address )
IPv6 addressnot applicable
User nameFTP username
PasswordFTP user's password
Password confirmationOnce again FTP user's password (not Plesk administrator password)