The current balance of the affiliate account is display on main page in Details tile.

You can withdraw the benefits two ways: as cash by bank transfer, or account balance added to your account (credit). Withdrawal as credit are processed automatically within a few minutes, whereas bank transfers are processed manually at the end of month.


To make a withdrawal request, click "Withdraw" button. Below is the example of the benefits withdrawal screen. You can adjust the withdrawal amount via slider or textbox on the right and choose between withdrawal as credit or cash.

*The fee will be deducted and transferred.


When choosing to withdraw benefits as cash via bank transfer, you will be shown further options of bank account. You can choose from one of the previously saved bank accounts or register a new one.


To finalize a request please click "Send" at the very bottom.


Pending withdrawal requests are show in the table on main page. You can edit or cancel them from "Actions" menu.


Registered bank accounts can be confirmed by clicking "Bank Accounts" on main page. Already used bank accounts cannot be modified nor deleted, but you can deactivate them, so they won't show on withdrawal request screen.