With Tsukaeru.net VPS you can connect to you server, inside browser from Control Panel. It shows you the display and reproduce keyboard and mouse movement for experience similar as working directly on the machine. It can help when your are not able to connect through SSH or remote desktop because of firewall settings or problems with server itself.

※Below we are explaining procedure for connecting to Windows server, but it is the same for Linux as well, up to and including opening the console.

1. Go to VPS management page.

2. Click on "Open console".

3. Wait a few seconds for connection and click on "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del" to simulate pressing this combination when asked.
*In case of Linux server, you will be already logged in.

4. Enter Administrator password and press enter.

※In case of Windows, the following window may pop out. Please wait for a moment finished. See  here  for detailed explanation.