Affiliate should introduce Tsukaeru.Net to other people mainly via link or banners containing their token [1] . Tokens are unique for each affiliate and allows to link our new customers to the affiliate who has invited them.


Each token is assigned one of the two types, depending on how you receive benefits from client invited through it:

One time - when a new customer creates an account via a one time token, the affiliate receives benefits depending on what service the customer has ordered. These benefits are given only once on the very first order created by the invited customer.

Recurring - when a new customer creates an account via a recurring token, their account is linked with the affiliate. From this moment, a percentage of all the payments made by the customer is given to the affiliate as benefits.


Each affiliate is given two random tokens (one of each type), when first apply for the program. You can check you token in Referrals tile on main page.
When you choose one of the tokens, a ready to use URL will be displayed below.


If you would prefer more personal token, you can request one by clicking "Request Token". In the popup window please specify token you want, its type, and optionally a message to our administrator. (specifying reasons for a token in the message can sometimes speed up process of approval)
Tokens can be up to 255 characters long and there is no limit on used characters, but as some special characters cannot be used in URLs, we recommend you limit yourself to alphanumeric ASCII characters and underscore.


After submitting a request, you can check status of all requests by clicking "Token Requests" from main page.


[1] It is also possible to link new customers to the affiliate via promotion code that must be inputted in appropriate field during checkout. Please, tell us in the token request's message, if you would like to be assigned a promotion code.