When in maintenance mode, servers are temporarily suspended.
However, they do not start up automatically afterwards so please be careful considering the below matter.

■ What is a maintenance mode?
Maintenance mode is used when VPS does not start up properly.
In this mode, root directory of the broken server can be mounted to /repair directory of different server in the same network.
That way, it is possible, using old network and parameters, to connect via SSH to the new server and by moving content of /repair directory conduct the following:

  1. Find and restore important personal data by copying them to different location.
    When leaving maintenance mode, all data on the server are discarded, so you cannot just copy them to different directory on the same server.
    Please make a backup to local storage or different network location, and later restore it to the new server, after leaving maintenance mode.

  2. Find and solve problem manually.

  3. After disconnecting from SSH, you can leave maintenance mode by going to the VZPP menu, once again clicking "Maintenance mode" icon, and confirming by clicking "End Maintenance Mode".


■ Cancelling Maintenance Mode
If entered maintenance mode by mistake, you can leave it by following the instruction below.

From Virtuozzo panel:

  1. Log in to https://IP_adress:4643/vz/cp

  2. From VPS panel's "Maintenance" go to Maintenance Mode

  3. Click "Cancel maintenance".

In a moment, maintenance mode will terminate and the server will restart.