Firewall settings


The firewall set from the control panel does not work with the firewall in the VPS.
This firewall is set before the VPS, so if you change the firewall settings in the VPS, make sure to change these settings as well.


1. Log in to "Control Panel".
2. Click "VPS" on the left menu, and click the contract for which you want to set a firewall.


3. Select "Manage Firewall" in the "Firewall" section. A menu will open. Select "Manage Rules".


4. Configure the firewall settings.


On / Off: Enable / Disable Firewall
ADD NEW RULE: Added advanced firewall settings


Rule name: Enter a descriptive rule name.
A protocol: You can select TCP or UDP.
Local port: Specify the port on the server to be allowed.
Remote port: Specify the port from which the connection is allowed.
Limit the IP addresses allowed to connect to the server
IP address: Specify the IP address of the permitted connection source.
Netmask: Specify and limit the range of the network.

After completing the settings, select “Add”.


※ Please note that if you enable the firewall, all connections other than the set rules will be blocked.

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