User types


In Tsukaeru FileBox , select one of three user types.

Admin :

You can check and change all settings.


General users who can use the basics.
When you create a shared folder, it is always created in the “Team” category.
Use the sharing feature to invite others to access your data.
You can only invite external users unless the user is already registered as an internal user or an administrative user.


You are not allowed to invite other users and you cannot create new shared folders.
External users can manipulate files on the shared folder with read-only or write access.


In addition, a user named admin is created from the beginning as an account for logging in to the file box that can be used from the control panel, but this user type is different from the administrator account.

If an administrator user is required, create an account with the user type as administrator separately from the admin account prepared from the beginning.

Click here for information on shared folders that can be managed by user type.

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